• Katie Newell

Our Word is Good

Moore Honey Farm is dedicated to providing SETX with 100% real local unfiltered honey. To prove just how firmly we stand behind this mission we conducted a double-blind pollen test on ourselves as well as some other honey brands claiming to be local. Out of respect, we will not post any brand names or their results but we want it known that ours was the only one to contain true local pollen. One of the biggest pollen sources in Southeast Texas is the Chinese Tallow Tree, and the results from two different labs both showed we contained the highest amount, and are the only honey of the sample group to contain a significant enough amount of tallow pollen to properly be identified as having originated from this region without any blending of other honeys or syrups. We never blend our honey with any other substitute. Our honey comes straight from our hive to your table. Other honey packers will blend their honey with cheaper imported honey to have enough to sell for the year. The worst part is they still get to call it "local" because of the lack of regulation in the US honey industry. This leads to uncontrolled fraud and uninformed buyers. We here at Moore Honey Farm are here to put a stop to it!

Check out our test results, and rest easy that when you buy from Moore Honey Farm you are getting the real deal.

Bryant Pollen Results

Intertek Pollen Results
PDF • 227KB

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