Honey Spread with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Honey Spread with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon


Moore Honey's Creamed Honey with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon. Spread on warm toast, bagels, biscuits, rolls, drizzle on cake or ice cream, or use to sweeten your tea and coffee.


Moore Honey Creamed Honey is still our Pure, Natural, Unfiltered Honey made by Texas Bees - only with the consistency of butter or icing. It comes straight from the hive - just as it should bee, and has not been cooked or filtered. Creaming Our Honey is a 100% natural process.


Moore Honey contains many beneficial ingredients, including Pollens, Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Natural Vitamins, and Amino Acids.


Warm to soften, cool to harden.

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