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Beekeeper's Reserve Cotton Honey 16oz

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Product Details
Brand: Moore Honey
UPC: 84556 12250

The Beekeeper's Reserve series by Moore Honey Farm is a series of rare, premium, small batch honey varieties produced in Texas.

Different locations will produce different flavor profiles of honey. with unique flavor and Finish.

The 'x and the name of the variety on the front label is the location and flora source of this honey. We hope you appreciate and enjoy this liquid gold just as much as we do!

Texas Cotton honey comes from the West Texas region. During the summertime, our bees are sent to pollinate watermelons there, and produce some cotton honey from the neighboring fields. Moore Honey is Pure, Natural, Unfiltered Honey made by Texas Bees. Your honey comes straight from our bees. It has not been cooked or filtered.

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