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Real Raw Honey

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Real Raw Honey is straight from our beehives. It has not been heated, filtered, or processed in any way. Bees store honey as liquid, but after time most honey naturally crystalizes. All honey sold in stores, in liquid form, has been heated for processing & packaging to prevent honey from crystalizing. We consider Raw honey to be honey that has not been heated or filtered. We have taken our local Southeast Texas honey straight from our extractor, while still liquid, and bottled it without applying ANY heat or processing. This naturally crystallized honey makes a smooth natural spread.

We have made it our goal and passion to provide an honest, local product to you. We’re passionate about bees, and even more passionate about providing real Texas honey to our customers. We are BEEKEEPERS FIRST, not a honey packing company.

Safety Warning: Honey should not be fed to infants under one year of age.

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